IT Taskforce
Taskforce Diary

Government of India
Planning Commission

New Delhi, 17 November,1998


Sub: Constitution of High Level Empowered Action Force on Managing the Impact of Year 2000 Problem in India.


Recognising the importance of managing the Year 2000 (Y2K) problem, primarily related to the use of a 2-digit field for representing the year in Computer based systems and its implications in India, the IT Action Plan of the National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development, as approved by the Government, has the following Policy at para number 52:

"Recognising the catastrophic effect of the Y2K problem for solving which a few hundred billion dollar are being spent around the world, an immediate investment of Rs.700 crores as corpus funds shall be mobilised to control the crisis in critical government, Public and Private organisations and services; efforts to sensitise such organisations in the country facing the crisis shall be taken up by the Government immediately including issuance of Government orders for strict compliance in a time bound manner; a High level empowered Task Force with representatives from the Government, Industry Associations, Banks and Financial Institutions, Defence Services, Utility and other Public Service Organisations, Railways among others, shall be constituted by the Government of India."

The Action Plan of the Task Force has since been approved by the government. As a follow-up to the decision of the Government with regard to the Y2K problem, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission and Chairperson of the National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development has constituted a High Level Empowered Action Force on Managing the Impact of Year 2000 Problem in India with the following composition and terms of reference:

1.  Member(A), Planning Commission Chairman

2.  Special Secretary, Planning Commission & Director  General, NIC

3.  Secretary(Expenditure) Member
4.  Secretary, Department of Electronics Member
5.  Secretary Department of Telecommunications Member
6.  Secretary, Defence Member
7.  Chairman, State Bank of India Member
8.  Chairman, Railway Board Member
9.  President, CII Member
10.President, FICCI Member
11.President, MAIT Member
12.Executive Director, NASSCOM Member

The Terms of Reference of the Action Force are as follows:

(i) To identify critical sectors in the country which are required to be monitored for handling the Year 2000 Problem in the country.

(ii) To get Sector-specific action plan prepared by the respective organizations/agencies for remedial work related to the Year 2000 Problem.

(iii) Periodically monitor the implementation of the Action Plans.

(iv) To make plans for awareness building among the affected categories of organisations, the Parliament, the Press and the Public.

(v) To take necessary steps for the establishment of a corpus fund of Rs.700 crores to address the Year 2000 Problem in India

(vi) To evolve a mechanism for providing financial support, out of the corpus fund, to various government organisations/PSUs/Companies and other affected organisations/activities in handling the impact of Year 2000 problem on the computer based activities and services offered by them.

(vii) To keep contingent action plans for various sectors in readiness to meet possible post 1999 outbreak situations.

The National Informatics Centre will be the Secretariat for the Action Force. The TA/DA of non-official members shall be paid by the National Informatics Centre, Planning Commission.

Special Secretary

Chairman & Members of the
Empowered Action Force

Copy to:

    1. PS to Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission
    2. Chief Minister - Andhra Pradesh, Co-Chairperson of NTFIT &SD
    3. Professor M.G.K. Menon, Co-Chairperson of NTFIT&SD
    4. Members of the National Task Force on IT & SD
    5. Prime Minister's Office
    6. Cabinet Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi


(N. Seshagiri)
Special Secretary