The Gazette of India-Extraordinary
25th July 1998

No. IT-TF/5/98 - Government of India, recognising the impressive growth the country has achieved since the mid-Eighties in Information Technology is still a small proportion of the potential to achieve, has resolved to make India a Global IT Superpower and a front-runner in the age of Information Revolution. The Government of India considers Information Technology (IT) as an agent of transformation of every facet of human life which will bring about a knowledge based society in the twenty-first century. As a first step in that direction, the President of India orders, with immediate effect, the following revisions and additions to the existing Policy and Procedures for removing bottlenecks and achieving such a pre-eminent status for India:

  1. The 108 recommendations of the Information Technology Action Plan, submitted by the National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development set up vide Prime Minister's Office Notification No.F.No. 360/31/C/10/98-ES.II dated 22-5-1998, as given in the Annexure, be notified by all the concerned Ministries/Departments of the Government of India and necessary instructions and amendments to the Procedures/Law be issued expeditiously fully reflecting the spirit of the recommendations.

  2. Towards the attainment of the inspiring mission placed by the Prime Minister before the nation to make India an Infotech superpower in the shortest period of time, an effective awareness building campaign shall be launched for the removal of all infrastructural bottlenecks and creation of a nation-wide IT culture.

N. Seshagiri
Special Secretary
Planning Commission

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