Minutes of the meetings
under the
Chairmanship of Secretary (Telecom)
Chairman, Telecom Commission

Minutes of the Meetings of the
Sub-Committee of the National Task Force
Information Technology & Software Development
held under the
Chairmanship of Secretary(Telecom) & Chairman, Telecom Commission on June 16, 1998 meeting of the Taskforce members & members of Telecom Commission
with the
Minister of Communications, Smt.Sushma Swaraj
on 22nd June & 23rd June 1998

6.1 Reduction of Telecom Charges.

(i) INTERNET access nodes will be opened by DoT and authorised ISPs at all District Headquarters/local charging areas by 26th January, 2000. As an interim measures, and till nodes are provided in all local charging areas, access to nearest INTERNET access nodes will be on local call rates with effect from 15th August,1998. It should be made clear to the ISP's that they should be responsible for ensuring that this facility is not misused for telephone traffic. (50,51)

(ii) Voice & Data Communication is permitted for IT Software Development and IT services on dedicated or leased circuits, but no telephone traffic is permitted. Surcharge on 64 Kbps and higher capacity circuits for voice cum data applications is withdrawn with effect from 15th August, 1998. (52,55)

(iii) Doubling of the lease rental charged by DoT for high speed data circuits leased by CUG, Licensee of Basic Service, Cellular Service and other Value Added Services is reduced to single normal lease rental charge. (53)

6.2 Release of Bandwidth by VSNL :

(i) Requests made by public sector STPs (or Private Sector STPs or IT promotional organisations) approved by Government for release of bandwidth will be acted upon by the VSNL by intimating INTELSAT within two.weeks of receipt. (54)

6.3 New Services :

(i) Setting up of Central call centres by IT Service Providers is permitted for which DoT and other Basic Telecom Service Providers will make available bandwidth. (59)

(ii) IN Services including free phone and premium Service (e.g. 1-800 and 1-900). Services will introduced by DoT by 31 December, 1998 in several cities over an Intelligent Network (IN) Platform. (60)


6.4 Licensing Issues

(i) For setting up ISP Operations by companies, there shall be no license fee for five years and after five years a nominal license fee of one rupee will be charged. (64)

6.5 Local Access

(i) Providing access to INTERNET through authorised Cable TV is permitted to any service provider without additional licensing. (67)

(ii) The 'last mile' linkages will be freely permitted either by fibre optic or radio communications for IT application enterprises, IT promotional organisations and ISPs. In case of radio linkages, coordination by the Wireless Adviser will be observed to avoid frequency interference. (70)

6.6 DoT Backbone

Data Communication requirements for Electronic Commerce/EDI shall be met by DoT in a liberal framework by assigning the highest priority under their priority classification if EC / EDI requirement is certified by authorities in Government authorised by Ministry of Commerce. (99)

6.7 Teleinfo Centres (PTIC)

Teleinfo Centres (PTIC) having multi-media capability specially ISDN services, Remote Data Base Access, Government and Community Information Systems, Market Information, Desktop Video conferencing, Teleinfo, photocopying and INTERNET/Web Access Services will be permitted and encouraged by the Government. DoT and other Basic Service Providers, Value Added Service providers and authorised IT promotional organisations will be advised to promote these services on non-exclusive basis. No license fee will be charged for operating these services and the usual tariff will be payable by the PT]Cs Service providers / franchisees. Efforts will be made by DoT and other Service providers to upgrade STD/ISD PC0s to convert them into these powerful PTICs for which ISDN or other digital network facilities shall be provided on priority without necessarily having to make additional investment on this account. (101)