IT Taskforce
Basic Background  Report
9th June 1998



Reengineering before automating

Information Technology is a strategic resource that can potentially bring about drastic improvements in organisational performance. However, not infrequently. Information Technology is used to merely automate existing processes. It is necessary therefore that the induction of Information Technology be integrated with the process of administrative reform. The existing organisational structures and procedures should be critically reviewed with a view to exploring the scope, for process reengineering and redesign and to provide better quality of services to citizens.

Specific legislation for communications

For the development of a National Information Infrastructure and of establishment of private and public networks it is desirable to enact specific legislations covering the broad area of IT including communications. Currently the Acts that provide a framework for legal interpretation of communications include the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885, the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1993, and the India Post Office Act of 1888. These Acts have to be modified in the light of the predominance of IT in day-to-day life.

Specific legislation for IT

It is important that the issue of electronic signatures is immediately addressed. Electronic signatures will help in streamlining many internal processes, and will ensure easy authentication and verfication of electronic communications with the public. Legislation therefore focusing on electronic signature as a means of preventing electronic fraud and for protection of online commerce is essential. Such legislation could also stipulate the creation of a certification system for electronic transactions applicable to email messages and banking operations, as well as shopping.

Cyber Laws

It is essential to ntroduce Cyberlaws in the country with regards to :

• Prevention of computer crimes

• Digital Signatures especially as related to Electronic Fund Transfer

• Copyright and Digital Intellectual Property Right especially with regard to INTERNET and world wide web

• Electronic Government

• Computerisation of Land Records

• Cryptography and Encyrption

• Privacy of data, etc.

The draft set of cyber laws prepared by the Cyberlaw Committee set up by the Committee of Secretaries should be approved by the Government and implemented as a first step.


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