IT Taskforce
Basic Background  Report
9th June 1998



Freedom of Information Act:

i) We must aim at democracy on line.

The blueprint for the Freedom of Information Act is ready. The Act should be passed at an early date. All the information available with the NIC network should be made available to the public except those which have a bearing on security. The Cabinet decision which was taken some time ago that NIC should be enabled to make this information available to the public should be implemented by additionally empowering NIC to do so without waiting for the clearance of the Departments concerned.

ii) Empowering people through the use of IT and information availability:

Decentralised Planning and Implementation:

• DISNIC-PLAN programme should be made widespread and the database updated online should be made available to the public, the Panchayats among others.

• COURTIS, PARLIS, CRISP and other such databases should be updated online over NICNET and access to public facilitated along with E-Mail entry into the Grievances/suggestions database.

iii) Electronic Governance and Citizen Charter for Effective and Responsive Administration:

• Specific decisions have been taken for earmarking certain percentage of budget of various Government Departments/Ministries for Government computerisation and other IT uses.

• Concrete Citizen Charter for effective and Responsive Administration in terms of time-bound service to public need to be framed and implemented.

• A suitable coordinating and monitoring structure may be set up to oversee and guide the implementation.


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