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Basic Background Report
9th June 1998 |



(Constituted under the authority of the Office of the Prime Minister of India)

Sub : Basic Background Report (BR-1) for the National Task Force on IT & SD

The enclosed Basic Background Report (BR-1) is a summary compilation, classification and technical editing of Visions and suggestions arisen from:

Proactive initiatives of the Office of the Prime Minister including Vision guidelines

Initiatives of the Planning Commission including the Vision guidelines given by the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission and Chairperson of the Task Force as well as the Co-Chairpersons; the Ninth Five Year Plan Working Group Reports on Electronics Industry as well as on Telecommunications and Broadcasting; Minutes of the meetings taken by the Member Secretary (Planning Commission) on Action Plan for IT and Sectoral IT Five Year Plan Reports prepared by the National Informatics Centre in association with the Central Ministries/State Governments.

Initiatives of the Cabinet Secretariat including the Minutes of the meetings of Committee of Secretaries relating to IT and the High Power Committee for improving Administrative Efficiency by using IT under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary.

Initiatives of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances including the report of the Core Group for Computerising the Information on Government Operations and Services to the People.

A number of Industry Associations like NASSCOM, CII, FICCI, etc., including their presentation and representation on IT Policy issues given to the Ministry of Commerce, Department of Electronics, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industrial Development.

Reports by Export Promotion Councils like Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC)

Reports on Electronics and IT Visions and Policies brought out by the Department of Electronics

Initiatives of the Ministry of Commerce including the minutes of the meetings of EC/EDI Committees, meetings with Industry Associations, etc.

Initiatives of the State Governments like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, especially the submission paper presented by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to the Prime Minister.

Proceedings of the discussions with the members of the Task Force, leading industrialists in IT, academicians, among others.

The Second part of the Basic Background Report (BR-2) will be brought out shortly.

This Basic Background Report (BR-1) was hoisted on 9 June 1998 on the World Wide Web Site Address of the Task Force Secretariat :

Suggestions from around the world from RIs, NRIs and other well wishers of India have already started pouring in. These are being summarised, classified and technically edited by IT specialists of the Task Force Secretariat on a continuing basis. A series of Feedback Reports (FR) based on these will be issued every week on the
'Digest of Suggestions Received'
heading on the Web Site. No hard copies will be made to save on paper and thus save the trees and the environment. At the end of three months the CDROMs of the original versions of the feedback suggestions received will be made available by NIC Services Inc. (NICSI).

The Basic Background Reports will form the main focused agenda for the successive preparatory Task Force meetings whose minutes, in turn, will form the main focused agenda for the meetings of the Task Force.

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