Within 12 months the CBEC shall put in place an Information Infrastructure utilizing existing Computer Networks having the following features:

1. Enable all transactions to become electronic by

• eliminating all papers/challans

• doing away with rubber stamps and signatures

• clearing advance cargo through EDI

• provide analytical software tools to check abuse

• using exception reporting to highlight anomalies

• eliminating duplicate information in GR Form

• login-> enterdata -> pay duty if any -> obtain permission -> get clearance

2. Automate all clearance procedure through a single window Computer Network- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• permit for all exports/imports within 15 minutes

• automate routing of declarations to various Government agencies

• random checking by customs

• if misdeclaration or fraud is detected, prohibit importer/exporter from login and put him through manual clearance with an additional fee for inspecting every consignment.

• export shipment documents can be filed 3 days after shipment

• delivery of air cargo within 8 hours (minimum) to 48 hours(maximum)

• using simple bar code based identification for all transactions.

3. Implementation of EDI based on EDIFACT standard at all customs houses.