IT Action Plan III

IT Action Plan Part-III
Long Term National IT Policy
April 16, 1999


The 108 Recommendations of the IT Action Plan Part-I emphasize the Policy Framework required for creating an ambience for the accelerated flow of investment into the IT sector, with specific orientation towards the Software Industry. The Information Technology Action Plan Part-II furnishes 84 Policy instruments for the Development, Manufacture and Export of IT Hardware. The Task Force advocated that the software industry and the hardware industry are two sides of the gold coin representing India emerging as a global IT super power. The success of one, whether it is export of software of $ 50 billion by the year 2008 or IT penetration drive for realizing IT for all by 2008, depends on the concomitant success of the other.

The strategic policies for the IT industry, IT Research, Design and Development, IT Human Resource Development, Citizen-IT Interface, Content Creation and Content Industry, Micro Electronics, Mission mode creation of Fibre-optic infrastructure, Financing the IT sector and organizational structure are described in the following sections:



  1.     Strategic Policy for the IT Industry

  2.     IT Research, Design and Development

  3.     IT Human Resource Development

  4.     Citizen-IT Interface

  5.     Content Creation and Content Industry

  6.     Micro Electronics

  7.     Project Sankhya Vahini

  8.     Financing Information Technology

  9.     Organisational Structure for IT

  10.    Annexures